Workshop über nukleare Astrophysik in Russbach


Sidereal hour and stardust

For 15 years, an international research group comes to Russbach to a workshop on Nuclear Astrophysics.

RUSSBACH. At first sight, Russbach, the "Salzburger Dorf" in the Dachstein West ski area certainly has nothing to do with astrophysics. But this is changing for the past 15 years for a week in March. Around 60 researchers from all over the world come to a workshop series on "Nuclear Astrophysics", which in the meantime are lovingly described as "our astrophysicists".

Founder of these workshops Prof. Dr. Karl Ludwig Kratz, who is still very much organizing and responsible for the content of the school.
Prof. Kratz is also a long-time guest, with 680 days of vacation in our place. So he is one of the "most loyal fans Russbach".

In a broad interdisciplinary combination of topics from astronomy, nuclear and astrophysics and cosmochemistry, the question arises: How do stars and galaxies form? How they develop and form
by nuclear reactions the chemical elements known to us, such as oxygen, carbon, and gold? And finally, how do stars die?
By the way, besides the cosmic research, the earthly pleasures in Russbach are not too short, from skiing to the regional gastronomy at the "Landhaus Ausswinkl" and the "Gasthof Waldwirt", to the concert of the Russbacher reggae rocker "Los Luceritos".

We as hosts are proud of "our astrophysicists" and are happy to help with the organization of this school.

Werner Wintersteller and Werner Kerschbaumer

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